We are Wedding photographers and videographers. We are based in Didcot, Oxfordshire, England. We photograph in a reportage style working all day taking photographs and capturing your day unobtrusively. We craft every picture and edit them one by one in our studio. We endeavour to capture fun, we can work to your needs and also offer our advice on the experiences we have gathered so far in our journey.

In Oxfordshire there are many wedding photographers, you should make sure you are happy with the ones you choose and thats why we always meet our clients prior to their wedding day. We have found that if you sit down talk and look at the photographs and feel the albums, Canvases and feel the prints you can come away with more knowledge about the process. We charge £1800 for the day and with that you get an album.



What is our job?

Its to be your photographer, we spend around 9 hours with you on your day, we spend hours afterwards editing very picture you receive.

You have hired us because you love our art, its not because we save you money. Be confident in picking what you want.

What do we want to achieve?

Emotion! For you. We want to create an image you will love not just a photo.

We cant afford you?

Investment: Photographs and Video are the only two things that will fully remind you of your day. You will keep them forever.

Our Style?

We go for a more documentary style, natural and not false. We can work to your needs and style.


What packages do you do?

We do one. If you have specific wants or needs just email.

What do we do?

We photograph and video Weddings!


We love it, we love giving you the finished product, when you tell us you cried watching the video or viewing the pics we are happy.

Who takes the pictures?

Mac and Claire, we do have other photographers involved but one of us will always be there.

How do we receive our photographs?

With this price you get access to the full resolution edited pictures and an album.

All your pictures are available for instant download anywhere in the world in full resolution.

We can also design Canvasses and composites.


We have invested in training. We work hard to take crafted pictures and give you fantastic pictures. 🙂

Do you provide just one Photographer?

No, always two! This gives you double the images to gain our signature documentary style.


Will you turn up with one little camera?

No, we use Top of the range Canon equipment!

What if it rains?

We will make a back up plan with you prior to the wedding.

Will we get along?

Not all photographers/videographers are right for each client.

Lets meet and find out!

Things do go wrong and yes we have back up gear! Your photographer should have back up gear!!!

Do we eat?

Yes please. x

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